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Wellbeing is not only rooted in balance, but also simplicity. Priime is the easy, natural solution you’ve been looking for to restore harmony in your life. Through expert blending methods and the purest ingredients, the infinite powers of essential oils are now available to you.

Our Story

Understanding benefits from the powerful formulation processes of ancient essential oil traditions, Priime blends were intentionally created with this in mind. We’ve done all of the intricate research into these traditional principles to deliver remedies that are immensely powerful, yet incredibly simple to use. Because we believe simple is powerful. Priime Essential Oils represent the pinnacle of nature’s gifts, ancient wisdom, and easy application, combined into perfect balance.

Our Essences

Priime delivers the most concentrated powers of nature in blends that are incredibly pure and infinitely powerful. Each ingredient begins in organic fields, which are lovingly tended for generations by families with a passion for purity and sustainability, from seed to finished product. Hand-selected and harvested at the ideal time, each essence is then gently cold-pressed or steam-distilled in order to preserve unadulterated potency.

Our Blends

Each of our blends has been formulated based on the practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which for centuries has been structuring its oils to directly reflect royal hierarchy positions and their important roles in civilization.

The principle substance in a blend that delivers the main therapeutic impact of the formula.

Enhances the therapeutic actions of a blend’s principle essence.

Addresses accompanying symptoms for an even greater range of benefits.

Guides the formula to its most useful destination in the body and harmonizes the entire blend for supreme efficacy.

The Priime blends not only target a distinct leading issue, but also alleviate accompanying symptoms to heal the body as a whole. Each element compliments one another in perfect symmetry and creates the most powerful blends available. You now have centuries of powerful practices at your fingertips.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the purity, potency, and unparalleled quality of Priime Essential Oils with the ARIIX 100% Potency Guarantee. This means every batch is rigorously tested by independent, third-party certified laboratories to contain only 100% natural, therapeutic-grade oils, completely free of artificial or synthetic ingredients, fillers, constituents, or toxins.


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