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On Earth Day, we’re proud to be celebrating 10 years CarbonNeutral®!

In 2008, we became the UK’s first high street retailer to be certified CarbonNeutral® and each year offset our emissions through the Makira Forest Protection project in Madagascar.

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Nominated Beauty Awards for

‘Best Eco-friendly Brand’



We take active steps to limit our freshwater use and have a recycling system at our eco-factory which recycles approximately 1million litres of water per year! Rainwater and water recycled from manufacturing go toward non-sanitary uses, which accounts for around 10% of our water use!

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We’re proud to use fairly traded ingredients from across the globe, stay tuned this week to find out more.neals yard fairtrading

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Today we’re celebrating 5 years since the EU ban on cosmetic animal testing!

We’re proud to have never tested on animals and be cruelty free certified by Cruelty Free International!

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