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Being a mum of a child with Autism, Katrina works tirelessly to make sure what she recommends is free from Chemicals and Toxic Substances, Gluten free and Vegan as well as Cruelty free.

“Katrina and her Global Team are helping people make better choices when it comes to the water we drink, the air we breath in our home and work space, the food we eat and the Chemicals we put on our Hair, Nails & Skin on a daily basis and how we look at small changes we can make for ourselves and our families. Katrina works with many parents to build in daily healthy habits, because parents are the ones who are the foundation of learning in the home”

Being healthy from the inside out, isn’t just about the food it is about the whole package. Katrina looks at and recommends many products and offers advice on simple changes you can make. Looking at the Quality in today!

Health isn’t just what we put in our mouth it is everything we expose our body too. When you are healthy on the inside your beauty radiates through your skin our largest organ in the body.

Skin in not a barrier. It’s a carrier.

My favourite recommended brands for health & beauty from the inside out & outside in. These brands I have been using for over 2.5yrs and still totally in love with them. I want to invite you to Fall in Love with Taking Care of Yourself too! Join myself and my community and learn more about me and how I made changes to live lifestyle I live now.

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Fall in Love with Jouve – Award Winning Skin Care System

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Fall in Love with Priime – Essential Oil Blends

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Fall in Love with Reviive – Non Toxic Hair & Body Care Range

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Vegan & Eco Friendly. Natural Cork

One of the most eco-friendly resources on the planet. Cork is Waterproof, buoyant, elastic, fire resistant and unique in its appearance, it is a naturally harvested material, originating in the cork oak forests located in the Iberian Peninsula in Spain. UK Shipping.

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Women Vegan Cork Coin Purse Collection

Women’s Vegan Cork Purse Collection

Men’s Vegan Cork Wallet Collection

Ladies Vegan Cork Quartz Watch Collection

Ladies Cork Bracelets and Bangles

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