Drink More Water. (Not Bottled)

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Drink More Water. (Not Bottled)

It’s easier said than done right? Everyone say its, drink 8 cups a day, drink half your body in oz in ml. But do we actually do it?

I have to monitor what I drink. I buy a 2ltr bottle of Evian everyday so I know I have had that amount, I drink more if I’ve worked out or if its hotter in the house with the heating on or outside than normal. The truth is, our body is made up of so much water that if we don’t check our daily water intake the normal water content of your body is reduced, it upsets the balance of minerals (salts and sugar) in your body, which affects the way we function.

Water makes up over two-thirds of the healthy human body. It lubricates the joints and eyes, aids digestion, flushes out waste and toxins, and keeps the skin healthy.

Some of the early warning signs of dehydration (according to the NHS website) include:

  • feeling thirsty and lightheaded
  • a dry mouth
  • tiredness
  • having dark coloured, strong-smelling urine
  • passing urine less often than usual

That 3pm slump that we have in the afternoon (and I know it can’t just be me that gets it) can be due to needed more water.

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But do you really know what is in your water?

I don’t like tap water at all, and why should I, I don’t know where its coming from, what is actually in it and if its safe for me to drink, what else is in those pipes transporting it to my taps.  Which means I drink bottled water, however do we really know its not just filtered tap water? and the 30+ plastic bottles I consume just in one month from one person started to play on my mind in our environmental conscience society.
Drink More Water. (Not Bottled) Blog Post from KatrinaGelderbloem.com.007

According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158,

  • Up to 60% of the human adult body is water.
  • The Brain and Heart are composed of 73% water,
  • The Lungs are about 83% water.
  • The Skin contains 64% water,
  • The Muscles and Kidneys are 79%,
  • The Bones are watery: 31%.

So making sure our body is running correctly is like putting oil into a car, yes it can run on low oil but things start to go wrong, start to crack, start to give up. When it comes to drinking water, it is a daily non negotiable thing for me to have 2trs+ so after looking around I decided to get one of these.

Drink More Water. (Not Bottled) Blog Post from KatrinaGelderbloem.com.002

tickSturdy bottle design
tickFree of BPA/BPS or any other bisphenols, and EA free.
tick25 oz./740 mL volume
tickLeak proof
tickDishwasher safe

Made of trusted and eco-friendly Tritan™ plastic

Perfect for home, office and on-the-go!
A technological breakthrough in filter design Many filters on the market target biological, chemical or emerging contaminants, but they rarely filter
out all three. The Puritii Water Filter uses a proven, proprietary two-part filtration process for filtering out biological, chemical and emerging contaminants.
This unique filtration also makes suction as easy as drinking water from a straw.

Perfect on-the-go urban companion

 With this proprietary, portable water filtration system, enjoy safe, fresh, clean drinking water without the cost, waste and potentially harmful toxins of bottled or tap water.

Drink More Water. (Not Bottled) Blog Post from KatrinaGelderbloem.com.003

The Research & Studies done on this new technology certainly is eye opening.

New and Improved Puritii Water Filtration System

 Want your own? Take a look here or message me to chat some more about discounts. Ideal for gyms and health food stores to stock.

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